I enjoyed learning the skills and am thoroughly convinced that the application of these skills will make me a more engaging instructor.
— Mark Sparks, Teacher, Amistad Academy
You took a group of people who did not know each other and created a very safe environment, where people could receive feedback and learn and create strong, deep relationships among the participants.
— School leader, Teach for America School Leadership Academy
The real value that we see for us as a school community is it helps us administratively to work better as a team. When we can work better as a team, communicate better, and facilitate better with each other, it works better for the students.
— Tom Gorsuch, Principal, South Shore Charter School

Mike Rubino - UP Education - Dorchester MA

It was powerful to witness one teacher literally being rejuvenated by the session and coming into his next lesson with more passion, energy and joy than I had observed in months. Weeks later he is still sustaining this energy. Another teacher returned to her classroom committed to bring more of herself to her students and did so by focusing on stories, joy and modulating her voice regularly. It has been exciting to witness her transformation.
— Megan McDonough, Principal, Match Charter HS
While presence/charisma is not an innate strength for me like it is for some, I can build my skills to improve. There are techniques I can learn to improve my efficacy in reaching the hearts and minds of the people I lead to motivate them to work towards our goals. What a relief! Really, what a relief to have tried out a technique that worked.
— Assistant Principal, KIPP
I learned it’s the how as well as the what in effective communication. [The program] was directly valuable to my work and life…increasing my authenticity and ability to connect with the staff and constituents.
— School leader, Public Education Leadership Project, Harvard University
I have learned to listen, to empathize and understand rather than solve. I have learned a number of techniques for connecting to my audience. Thank you - this was a powerful learning day! It was relevant to my job and challenged me as a leader! I have had multiple opportunities to apply what I learned at my school.” Principal, Boston Public Schools
— Principal, Boston Public Schools