Our Mission

We provide world-class training in leadership presence to help schools become their most inspiring learning environments.  We help school leaders - principals, teachers and administrators - powerfully enroll others in their vision of how to promote student learning and close the achievement gap.  

Our Method

We leverage techniques of the theatre to enhance leadership presence. With principals, we dramatically increase their ability to engage staff, teachers, parents, students, and boards in the mission of the school.  With school leadership teams, we hone coaching skills so that they can develop their staff to their fullest potential. With teachers, we galvanize their ability to engage and inspire students, creating learners who are robustly invested in their education.  


Who We Are

We are an outgrowth of The Ariel Group, which has, since 1993, been integrated into the leadership curriculum of non-profits and companies such as American Express, Google and GE as well as executive education programs at Harvard, Columbia and MIT Sloan.  Our unique facilitators have backgrounds that include theatre, education, organization development and coaching.  Our methodology has a track record of success in nonprofits and Fortune 100 companies over 20 years.