TELLING YOUR STORY IN LEADERSHIP  (Return to full list of Program Offerings)
Build awareness of the importance of articulating values, and sharing personal stories that elucidate values and connection to school mission in order to inspire school communities.

Telling Your Story in Leadership provides leaders with opportunities to practice articulating their personal values, allowing them to appreciate the unspoken impact of those values when leading others. Participants leave with the building blocks for developing their own leadership credo that can fuel a personal values-based leadership approach. Secondly, this program underlines how communicating through the use of story is an effective tool for sharing personal experiences, and building relationships and inspiring staff, parents and students. Participants begin to recognize the wealth of stories in their own personal and professional histories that can be tapped for communicating one on one or in group settings. They practice storytelling skills such as the use of vivid language, speaking in snapshots, recognizing the need for a beginning middle end structure, and using body and voice to convey key messages. TYSL allows cohorts of school leaders to quickly build relationship through authenticity and vulnerability.
Presented as a half day, 4.5-hour program.

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