SCHOOL LEADER AS COACH (Return to full list of Program Offerings)
Build the critical skills leaders need to directly support high-commitment staff and colleagues.

Through the techniques learned in School Leader as Coach, participants are better able to inspire staff engagement, develop committed and fully productive teachers and administrators, retain high-performing and high-potential individuals, and build relationships that will strengthen organizational connectedness and school success. After completing this program, participants are able to identify the qualities, characteristics, and behaviors demonstrated by leaders who successfully inspire and engage their followers, and use a four-dimensional model that inspires engagement: Present, Caring, Inspiring and Rigorous. Participants gain the ability to be “present” with their staff, inspiring them and building relationships that are important to increasing engagement. They gain hands on practice in coaching, endorsing strengths and challenging others to stretch in areas where they can grow effectively.
Presented as a two-day program

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