ADVANCING LEADERSHIP PRESENCE (Return to full list of Program Offerings)
Motivate teachers, build relationships in the community, and harness leadership presence for mobilizing others towards shared vision for student success- through situational leadership styles. 
(Combines one day of Leading with Presence with one day of Presence and Leadership Roles)

Day 1 of Advancing Leadership Presence is a program for up to eight people that teaches principals and other school leaders to harness their innate personal leadership presence to build positive school climate. Using IE’s model for Leadership Presence, they strengthen their ability to communicate with power and passion, collaborate with diverse groups, and forge strong, trust-based relationships.  Participants explore their personal histories to hone a unique leadership style that supports the goals of the school. They take back new skills in establishing credibility, exhibiting poise in stressful situations, developing the talents of their staff and in the art of leadership storytelling.  

Day 2 of Advancing Leadership Presence explores the four most important roles played by leaders and when best to use them. The program provides participants with an opportunity to try on stretch leadership roles using Shakespeare text (i.e. experience the cognitive both viscerally and experientially). Participants have an opportunity to “try on” these leadership roles in an experiential and memorable way, with in-the-moment presence feedback and coaching. Through the use of techniques to identify and enhance leadership presence, and through the use of real-life school situations to which presence can be applied, participants develop greater capacity to leverage four archetypal leadership roles more fluidly, flexibly and effectively to meet the needs of differing school situations. They leave with a practiced strategy and style to leverage in an upcoming school interaction.
Presented as a two-day program, can be split into 2 one day programs

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