PRESENCE OF A SCHOOL LEADER (Return to full list of Program Offerings)
Enhance communication through listening, adapt effectively to different leadership roles, enhance presence to more effectively lead and work with others.
Combines one day of Personal Presence with one day of Presence and Leadership Roles)

Presence of a School Leader is intended for a wide range of professionals in school leadership roles.  The program enables participants to explore their own histories, connect them with their work and the mission of their organization, and to each other, as well in profound and transformative ways.  Through the use of techniques to identify and enhance personal presence, and through the use of real-life situations to which presence can be applied, participants develop approaches – and content – that they can then bring back to their work and colleagues.  By the end of the program, participants will be better able to communicate expressively, congruently and clearly to a variety of audiences, their listening skills will be improved, especially in one-on-one and small group interactions., demonstrate greater capacity to leverage four archetypal leadership roles more fluidly, flexibly and effectively to meet the needs of any situation., a greater presence and ability to influence, inspire and move others to action, as well as apracticed strategy and style to leverage in an upcoming school interaction.
Presented as a two-day program.

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