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Employ situational leadership styles in collaborating with teachers and staff, taking charge in times of crisis, affiliating with parents, and motivating teachers and staff to excellence

Exploring Leadership Roles and Presence through the Lens of Theater allows exploration of the four most important roles played by leaders and when best to use them. For new school leaders, one challenge can be changing your leadership role when it is situationally appropriate. (E.G. Behaving differently with teachers with whom you want to brainstorm, parents with whom you want to bond, students you need to calm down, or staff you need to inspire.) The program provides participants with an opportunity to try on stretch leadership roles using Shakespeare text (i.e. experience the cognitive both viscerally and experientially). Participants have an opportunity to “try on” these leadership roles in an experiential and memorable way, with in-the-moment presence feedback and coaching. Secondary outcomes are building strong teamwork skills and a sense of collegiality within the participant group and honing each participant’s ability to coach other participants. 
Presented as a one-day program.

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