Motivate teachers, build relationships in the community, and harness leadership presence for mobilizing others towards shared vision for student success through development of a personal Leadership Credo.

A Leadership Credo articulates answers to four critical questions: why I do what I do, what I stand for, my vision for student success, and what I need from you. Although many school leaders have clear vision and values, IE’s programming in developing and speaking a Leadership Credo including personal values and vision for student success, ensures than the messages come across as genuine and powerful.  This enables schools leaders to build empathetic bridges so that teachers, parents, staff and students each feel they are part of the values and the vision of the school. This program is informed by Marshall Ganz’s work on Personal Narrative: Story of Self, Us and Now. It involves using part or all of a Leadership Credo to build emotional capacity to call people to action. The “now” would be about school vision for student success and the call might differ for staff, parents and students at different parts of the year. The “us” work requires the participants to artfully and authentically find the empathetic bridge that bonds them to differing groups.

Upon completion of this program, participants will practice using pieces or all of a Leadership Credo to build emotional capacity in their school communities to mobilize towards shared vision for student success.

They will be able to:

Ø  Use formative personal and professional experiences as leadership tools.

Ø  Understand how communicating through the use of personal story is an effective tool for building relationships and inspiring staff, parents and students

Ø  Broaden tactics for building “empathetic bridges” toward differing school stakeholders

Ø  Increase personal presence to inspire and motivate staff, students and families


NOTE: Ideally, this is a two-day program, but may be split into two one-day programs, and is intended for those who have completed – or in conjunction with – ‘Leading with Presence – Standard.