Employ situational leadership styles in collaborating with teachers and staff, taking charge in times of crisis, affiliating with parents and community, and motivating teachers and staff to excellence. This one or two day program for up to eight people helps principals build trust and practice articulating their personal values, allowing them to appreciate the unspoken impact of those values when leading others. They develop their own personal credo that can fuel a personal, values-based leadership approach. Because leaders often fall back on one comfortable leadership style they need to stretch to find several authentic leadership styles to employ in differing contexts. In this program, school leaders explore and master four different roles that a leader must be able to play in order to inspire others in a school context: Captain, Conceiver, Coach and Collaborator. The new knowledge of emotional intelligence they gain in Inspiring with Presence will help them more effectively motivate others to achieve excellence.  
Leadership Competencies: Continuous Learning, Stakeholder Management, Communication, Impact and Influence, Self - Awareness, Direction Setting, Team Leadership