Build School Climate through leadership teambuilding.  Also, develop staff through a balance of inspiration, care, and rigor. Offer bite-size pieces of feedback and role-play staff to success immediately. 

When school leadership teams attend IE programs as a cohort, programs offer a strong element of team building. They build robust peer relationships and give participants common language to develop positive school climate.  This two day program for up to eight people helps participants apply a highly effective, strengths- based coaching model to listen effectively, set clear goals, and provide actionable feedback and coaching related to presence. School leaders will practice a coaching session where they leave the coachee with new possibilities and sense of mastery.  They will learn skills to increase the commitment, development, and productivity of their staff. Doug Lemov’s Practice Makes Perfect coaching techniques mirror the way directors coach actors, so we borrow actionable coaching techniques from the theater. Effective use of the program’s tools by participants of Ariel Group programs has resulted in proven, measurable outcomes such as increased morale and improved retention rates. 
Leadership Competencies: Team leadership, Performance Management, Talent Development, Instructional Leadership