Our Partner: Donors Choose

Donors Choose Mission:  We make it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need, moving us closer to a nation where students in every community have the tools and experiences they need for a great education.  

"We were started by a history teacher.  In 2000, Charles Best, a teacher at a Bronx public high school, wanted his students to read Little House on the Prairie.  As he was making photocopies of the one book he could procure, Charles thought about all the money he and his colleagues were spending on books, art supplies, and other materials.  And he figured there were people out there who'd want to help - if they could see where their money was going.  Charles sketched out a website where teachers could post classroom project requests, and donors could choose the ones they wanted to support.  His colleagues posed the first 11 requests.  Then it spread.  Today, we're open to every public school in America."

Visit Donors Choose:  www.donorschoose.org