What Inspires Us?

We are inspired because we believe there is a way to address the existing achievement gap in schools today.  We work to support the efforts of those who are working to close the achievement gap by developing transformational school leaders.  It is these leaders who can effectively mobilize the energies of those with whom they work and serve, while maintaining their vision, passion, and authenticity.  We are inspired by them, their school networks and districts, and we are committed to helping them succeed.

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Who Inspires Us?

We are inspired by the professionals who work every day to make a difference in the lives of their students, with the aim of helping close the opportunity gap.

We know that their efforts are the cornerstone of change in our communities, and the work of Inspiring Educators is devoted to helping them succeed.  We help them by growing the capacity of school leaders to inspire, and by helping schools, school networks and school districts, flourish.





How Can We Inspire You?

Our unique facilitators have backgrounds that include theatre, education, organization development and coaching.  We leverage techniques of the theatre to enhance leadership presence. With school leaders, we dramatically increase their ability to engage staff, teachers, parents, students, and boards in the mission of the school.  With school leadership teams, we hone coaching skills so that they can develop their staff to their fullest potential.